1. I actually cannot read it anymore because I’m so bothered by this deception. Like I completely understand their rationale behind keeping it a secret from her - I’m sure it’d confuse her a whole lot. But like the way she took finding out that they had “switched” (but not the whole truth) actually made me even more uncomfortable because it feels like she’d actually take it very well. 

    And this idea that it’d hurt her - wouldn’t it only hurt her to find out the truth because you’ve been fucking lying to her this whole time???

  2. It literally bothers me on so many goddamn levels that they refuse to tell Shiina the actual truth. It just feels really dishonest to me and the fact that they plan to never tell her the truth just makes me so uncomfortable that this is actually heard for me to read.

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    Hummingbird snoring

    > That’s about the cutest thing I’ve seen today.

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  6. Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. Tag at least 10 followers.

    • Name: Mame Adwoa
    • Nickname: Madwoa, PC, Pinkie, Cat
    • Birthday: November 7th
    • Gender: female
    • Sexuality: androsexual/heterosexual
    • Height: 5’4
    • Time zone: Eastern
    • What time and date is it there: Sept. 15 06:57
    • Average hours of sleep: 6ish?? on weekdays
    • OTPs: wakamatsu/seo and aidyn (oc ship whoops) 
    • The last thing I Googled was:  parks and rec ron (because I couldn’t remember nick offerman’s name)
    • First word that comes to mind: bloop
    • What I last said to a family member: okay bye i think??
    • One place that makes me happy and why: no such place exists unfortunately
    • How many blankets I sleep under: one but i wish I had a comforter to sleep under because it’s cold af at night
    • Favorite beverage: coca cola or oreo milkshake
    • The last movie i watched in the cinema was: p sure it was Wreck It Ralph
    • Three things I can’t live without: Laptop, or, failing that, a notebook and earphones
    • Something I plan on learning: Japanese, talking to people IRL, how to animate
    • A piece of advice for all my followers: same as last time - if you find yourself complaining about something within your power to change, either work on changing it or stop complaining
    • My blog/s: this one, one for the love me dead series that is currently inactive, one abandoned one for PAC and one for co-op
    • You have to listen to this song: Open the Door by Lim Chang Jung 
    • I tag: swushi, hecklerandkoch, sarucheeko, gabbyisdaflyartist, ma1wa1fu, isobe-kosuke, one-black-hat, the-wooper-says-woop, roropinkerton, anaphase94 hopefully i didn’t tag anyone twice 
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    Everyone Loves a Good Car Jam!!! - by Thomas Sanders


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  8. W-ORD Channel 7 News With John Oliver & Cookie Monster

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    that’s it. that’s the whole show

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    i have watched this at least 300 times and have laughed every single time

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    Narrating People’s Lives: On the Sidewalk! by Thomas Sanders

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    When friends show you their favorite shows by Thomas Sanders

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oh dear…

are you f u  c k i ng serious 

no, it’s fucking pepsi




    oh dear…

    are you f u  c k i ng serious 

    no, it’s fucking pepsi

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